Working at Night
  • Impaired vision during hours of darkness
  • Low visibility of operatives to road users and pedestrians
  • Fatigue
  • Exposure to aggressive behaviour or criminal activity
  • Unavailability of welfare facilities
  • Adverse contact with indigenous wildlife
Initial Risk:
  • Likelihood: 5
  • Severity: 4
  • Risk rating: 20
Control Measures:
  • Use either temporary portable lighting (torches, floodlights) or work under street lighting
  • Manual handling operations only to be attempted under good lighting conditions
  • Maintain extra vigilance for the presence of sharps
  • Wear mandatory PPE
  • Compliance with EU Working Time Directive
  • Personal risk assessment when fatigued, and every hour after the 11th hour of working
  • Shift patterns to be maintained and not altered without a suitable risk assessment of impact
  • Out-of-hours working to be approved by Line Manager and only to be carried out by experienced persons with competent buddy in attendance
  • Personnel to be vigilant and avoid confrontational or threatening situations
  • Mobile communications to be available at all times
  • Note the location of 24-hour supermarkets and filling stations
  • Do not approach urban foxes, feral cats or badgers
Risk rating:
  • Likelihood: 3
  • Severity: 3
  • Risk rating: 9
Safe to work Y/N:  Y