Sharps situated within or adjacent to the service chamber
  • Cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds
  • Infection with life-threatening disease
Initial Risk:
  • Likelihood: 4
  • Severity: 5
  • Risk rating: 20
Control Measures:
  • Check chambers, waste material and vegetation for sharps before commencing work using a shovel or pry bar to search
  • Avoid potentially hazardous contact by not putting hands anywhere that is not in full sight
  • Only personnel trained, competent and confident to attempt the removal and disposal of sharps
  • Mandatory PPE to be worn
  • Make proper use of protective equipment provided, litter picker and sharps disposal box
  • Sharps box to be disposed of as soon as reasonably practicable at an approved disposal point, and replaced with a fresh box
  • Notify Supervisor if sharps cannot be removed using the safe system of work
  • Inform client and supervisor of presence of sharps
Risk rating:
  • Likelihood: 2
  • Severity: 4
  • Risk rating: 8
Safe to work Y/N:  Y