Lone Working
  • Incapacity due to slips, trips and falls or other rapid onset illness
  • Physical assault
Initial Risk:
  • Likelihood: 4
  • Severity: 4
  • Risk rating: 16
Control Measures:
  • Compliance with the Lone Working / Out of Hours Working flow diagram
  • Compliance with Confined Spaces Entry protocol
  • Compliance with Manual Handling procedures
  • Personnel to be vigilant and avoid confrontational / threatening situations
  • Avoidance of known No Go areas and those with poor mobile phone reception
  • Commence lone working with fully charged mobile phone
  • Vehicles to be fitted with tracking devices
  • Employees should be aware of location of nearest A&E / medical centre
Risk rating:
  • Likelihood: 3
  • Severity: 3
  • Risk rating: 9
Safe to work Y/N:  Y