Adverse or Changing Weather Conditions: Heat, Cold, Fog, Snow, Ice, Strong Winds & Heavy Rain
  • Damage to vehicle / equipment or personal injury from poor road or footpath conditions
  • Injury from airborne debris from high winds
  • Hypothermia or dehydration
Initial Risk:
  • Likelihood: 4
  • Severity: 5
  • Risk rating: 20
Control Measures:
  • During periods of prolonged sunshine and high temperatures, personnel to use sunscreen, hat and to ensure appropriate fluids are taken to prevent dehydration
  • Personnel to evaluate driving conditions whilst working in the Cold, Fog, Strong Winds, Ice, Snow or Heavy Rain and travelling to or from places of work
  • Extra care to be taken in poor visibility by personnel to position vehicles correctly with associate chevron livery facing oncoming traffic stream with safety beacons in operation
  • Appropriate clothing to be worn to reflect extremes of heat and cold
  • Consider local working only with line management
  • Suitable emergency equipment to be carried – fully-charged mobile phone, thermal blanket, torch, hot drinks etc.
  • Remain hydrated to prevent tiredness
  • Extra vigilance when working in areas where there is an increased risk from falling roof tiles, TV aerials, trees etc., or possible wind damage to property.
  • Suspend activities and escalate to Line Manager
Risk rating:
  • Likelihood: 2
  • Severity: 2
  • Risk rating: 4
Safe to work Y/N:  Y