The team Senior Technician (competent person) will check this risk assessment and undertake a Dynamic risk assessment to ensure that all the significant risks are adequately controlled before commencement of work.

If, with all measures in place, the work is still considered to be unsafe, the Senior Technician (competent person) should seek advice from their line manager.

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Network Activities - Grade 1 (Generic)

Task:Leakage Detection Survey (Generic) RiskAssessmentRef:

  1. Extremely unlikely 2. Unlikely 3. Possible 4. Probable 5. Highly Likely
1. Minor Injury Not significant Not significant Not significant Not significant Not significant
2. Less than 3 day injury Not significant Not significant Low Low Low
3. 3 day Injury Plus Not significant Low Low Medium Medium
4. Major Injury Not significant Low Medium High High
5. Death Not significant Low Medium High Extreme
Formula: Likelihood x Severity = Risk Rating
e.g. Likelihood of 2 (unlikely) x Severity of 3 (3 day+ injury) = 6 or a Risk Rating of 'LOW'
Where the initial risk rating is 11 or more, this should be reduced to a lower means practicable through implementation of control measures

Assessor name: Mark Appleton   Review Date: June 2020
Authorised By: QUENSH Manager  June 2017